Friday, November 28, 2014

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Experience Sharing
12th March 2013: Stories of Handling Marriage pressure

22nd March 2013: Coming out stories 

26th March 2013: Is arguing with parents for years, good ? 

15th April 2013: Post-breakup hatred issues
Discussions & Debates
01st Nov 2014: What's Evolutionary explanation to Homosexuality?

29th Oct 2014: A married gay arrested under 377 for Infidelity. What's the group's take on it? 

11th Sep 2014: Do we really need pride march?

7th Sep 2014: How do we treat a heterosexually-Married Gay men?

24th March 2013: How important is sex in a relationship?
19th March 2013: Single Facebook ID or Multiple IDs

14th March 2013: Staring/Cruising/Harassment in Public

3rd March 2013: Cheating by best friend and boy friend

30th Sep 2012: Monogamy vs. Other ways of life

7th Dec 2012: Sleeping with Married gays vs. Bi-sexuals


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